Kamis, 01 Mei 2014

wedding doll :western style

Hello again crafty friends…
I just finished another wedding dolls. A couple of bride & groom had just married! I just couldn’t hold myself to make photo session of this couple because their so cute and adorable, LOL.. so here is the happy couple.
the bride wearing white gown of felt, laces and tulle fabric (design by me ^_^).  It's the 1st time I make curly hair: a bit messy I guess, but it's ok as it's 1st time.  And she wears a tiara made of lace. Isn't she lovely?

meet the groom with spiky hair and korean spectacles, He looks so cool & sharp in tuxedo with white bow which made of sateen ribbon. He's my favorite groom ever

and now they'd pronounced as hubby & wify, what a lovely couple

a happy couple just married

This wedding dolls can be a topper on wedding cake, gift for your bestfriend’s wedding (trust me they’ll love it!), or as special souvenir, ornaments, etc
You can purchase or order custom request for your wedding doll too, you may choose the packaging  of these dolls, in a box or in a frame. Price by request, feel free to ask me on facebook, email, or comment on this blog. Please text me for fast response on my mobile : 081333406275
See you on another crafty day!