Selasa, 24 Desember 2013

december projects and end year review

 I feel like actually I'm late in finding my passion in craft,but if I just passed it away again and never start, I might feel regret again one day. So here I am, on the beginning steps to reach one obsession , with hopes and dreams the journey will find the way.. we'll see.

On this december,I've made photoframe +clock. It's  a part of DIY kit that I bought from Paket Belajar Flanel.
 And last night, the founder mba Prapti commented the picture I've tag her name on my facebook, she said she likes the modification I've made. Here's the picture:

 Now I'm still working on ragdoll's dress. I've got a bit of difficulties when I put the woolhair to the head, but it's done though. Hopefully the dress will be done soon. Here's the doll which is waiting her dress.

tak terasa sudah di penghujung tahun 2013. apa pun yang telah terjadi dan dilalui di tahun ini, semoga bisa jadi pengalaman berharga untuk tahun-tahun ke depannya. dan semoga segala impian dan harapan yang masih tergantung bisa segera tercapai..Good luck!