Minggu, 09 Februari 2014

character doll & sweety doll

Actually I don't know what to post this time, but I'd love to share my latest works.

At the end of January , I've been participating on a little competition ( I said a little because it was a regular competition ,which only participated by its member) of making Character Doll which held by a group on facebook, you can find the group here. It was my first craft competition for me, so it's nothing to lose for me to take part of it, at least if I couldn't win, I would have still the doll to be displayed,being my one of  portfolio :)
And then the winner announcement posted: my name was mentioned as one of the winner. Yayy..

so this is the character I've made for that event : Magician girl

I also finally finished dressing up a doll which I left undress last year( I know...so irresponsible :p). A bit different from the first idea..but still cute. I made her with SWEETY DOLLS  book patterns, but also made it in my own style. Anyone who've been curious with the book or it's original dolls can see them on here .

This is a sweety doll ala Yuari Craft.

If you would like to adopt my collection, click here

Now I'll be working on couple dolls though it might be hard because soon I should pack my stuffs and move to my new house.. So see you next time..leave your comment below :)

Happy crafting & thank you for visiting.