Rabu, 11 Februari 2015

my whale plushies

 Assalamu alaikum & hallo friends!!

This week I had just finished 3 whale plushies. Actually, I have planned to make this plushies sooo long ago before I realized it. I had imagined they must be cute to decor a living room or a nursery room.

My decision to make the Whale plushies actually caused by the pattern of the fabrics. Yes, a lot of my crafter fellas got this fabrics too, It was such a 'million people's fabrics', :-D. And they used to make it as bags, pouchs, & wallets ,I thought I need to make some diefferent products . Well, since I was too bored making bags or purses ( since I had made bags on previous weeks), this week must be plushies.. so here they are...Hope you like it!

PS : my favorite whale is William, whats yours?

see y next time


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