Sabtu, 19 Juli 2014

my flower ribbon Hairbows Collection

Assalamu alaikum & hello again my fellas...! It's always be a pleasure for having some crafting stories to share ^^

Last week, I was bored in 'playing' felt craft, but still I want to make something pretty,diefferent from dolls I used to make, then I commited to make some accessories without any felt. I decided to make hairbows for girls and in less of a week I've finished 12 pieces hairbows with flower ribbons. Making the flower ribbons such a great new exploration . These hairbows made with lots of efforts, but also lots of joy too.

so here they are.. only one piece of one design ( in fact I don't really design or make any draft, just spontaniously combine & arrange ^_^'). What do you think? I'd love to hear your critics  about them

big love,

Yunita Arianty